General Questions

What is a tire repair kit/system?

A tire repair kit or system consists of a high pressure inflator and a tire repair fluid called a sealant used. The combination of both in a unit enables users to inflate flat tires and repair puncture tires. The compressor in this unit not only inflates but also directly pumps the sealant into the tire enabling the driver to drive to the closest garage for a permanent repair. Today, tire repair kits of quality such as AirMan (under Active Tools label) are being deployed by automotive manufacturers replacing traditional heavy and bulky spare tires.

What is an inflator/compressor?

An inflator or compressor is a high pressure unit that pushes air out of its hose. Its power typically comes from connecting the compressor to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or battery and its hose is connected to the tire valve in order for air to enter into the tire. A 12V power plug or crocodile clamps are used to connect the power and a built-in manometer permits reading the tire pressure.

What is a tire repair sealant?

It is a fluid, liquid gel that is used to repair punctures in flat tires. AirMan’s sealant is an approved seal technology validated by leading automotive manufacturers.  

Why do I need a tire repair kit in my vehicle?

In the event of a flat tire, you can safely and rapidly get back on the road without waiting for roadside assistance or having to deal with the challenges of changing the flat tire with a spare tire. Other benefits include a lighter vehicle in case the spare tire is removed from the trunk for better gas mileage, better pressure monitoring for optimal tire care, and last but not least it is the safer, faster, and easier alternative to spare tires.