AirMan Safety

How long will the AirMan fix last?

Up to 200 km or 125 miles.

How far can I drive with a fixed AirMan tire?

Up to 200 km or 125 miles to your home or next garage stop.

How fast can I drive with an AirMan repaired tire?

Automotive industry recommendation: Maximum 80 km/h or 50 mph speed (same as for spare tires).

When do I need to replace the tire repaired by AirMan?

We recommend changing your repaired tire before you reach 200 km or 125 miles driving limit. This is the maximum driving distance recommended by the automotive industry.

What types of tire punctures can AirMan fix?

AirMan can repair a thread puncture of up to 6 mm or 1/4” in size using a valve-through hard bottle sealant. Using a squeeze bottle with valve-out technology, you can fix punctures up to 10 mm or 3/8”. Find out which valve technology is available with your AirMan on our website at Note that a sidewall puncture can never be repaired.

How strong is the sealant?

The AirMan particle gel technology sealant is approved and used by the automobile industry. It is an industrial strength product that gives you the advantage of a trustworthy repair while being water-based and safe for you, the environment, and your vehicle.

Is the sealant safe for my tire if it gets in contact with the rim? 

Yes, it is. AirMan sealant does not cause rust or corrosion on any type of rim or tire. 

What are the recommended storage and operating temperatures for AirMan’s sealant?

Between -20°C and +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)

What is the sealant made of? 

The AirMan sealant is a green recipe made up of microfibers and water.

Is the sealant safe?

The AirMan sealant is water soluble and not dangerous nor hazardous to humans in normal use, but should not be ingested in quantities or come in contact with eyes. It is a non-flammable and non-toxic product.

Do I need to call roadside assistance at any point in an event of a tire problem?

You will need to call roadside assistance or completely change your tire using the spare if the damage on the tire is a sidewall puncture or if the tire is cracked. In these situations, the tire can never be repaired nor patched by a service tire shop and unfortunately, these damages are not covered under the warranty of the tire manufacturers.