AirMan Sales, Warranty & Consumer Support

How much does an AirMan product cost?

AirMan pricing is determined by the retailers. Please visit the list of point of purchases on our website to find out the pricing from your preferred retailer (Find a Retailer section). 

Where can I buy AirMan products?

Please visit the Find a Retailer section on our website for a list of authorized retailers in your region. 

I’ve already used my sealant bottle. Where can I find the replacement sealant bottles?

Replacement bottles are available at your retailer carrying AirMan products. Visit the section Find a Retailer on our website to locate an authorized retailer in your region.

Who do I contact when I need to use the warranty on AirMan?

For all warranty and service questions, please contact your original retailer where the AirMan product was purchased. 

How long can I keep my unused sealant bottle?

We declare a shelf life of 8 years as if stored under the correct conditions.