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  1. Average two wheel tire (10 litre): 2.5 bar (36 psi) in 3 min
  2. Average city bike tire : 4 Bar (58 psi) in 1 min

AirMan’s Airgun inflator is an all purpose professional air compressor for rapid inflation of various sports equipment including bicycles.

Compact, Portable and light-weight, the Airgun is the perfect travel companion

This high pressure compressor perfectly fits in your glove compartment or even in your hand bag. Additional features include an LED pressure gauge. 

Airgun Includes : 
  1. Ergonomic high pressure air compressor
  2. Built-in digital tire gauge with pre-set auto-stop function in psi, kpi and bar
  3. Built-in LED Light
  4. Pressure hose with thread connector for tires and adaptors
  5. Adaptors for balls and inflatable toys
  6. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery Pack
  7. AC Charger for Li-Ion Battery
  8. 12V Cable adaptor for continuous power
  9. Travel carrying bag

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