1. Sports Equipment
  2. Toys
  3. Bicycle Tires


  1. Medium Size Car (25 Litre) : 2.5 Bar (36 psi): 7.5 min.
  2. Large Size Car (36 Litre): 2.5 Bar (36 psi): 11 min.

For fast, flexible and easy inflation in seconds. The Multi Inflator is an all-purpose cordless air compressor for fast and easy inflation of various sports equipment, bicycle tires and camping equipment.

High quality and convincing performance fit in handy design and assure flexible usage for any kind of indoor and outdoor activities


  1. Rechargeable battery:
    230V in EU / 110V in North America
  2. AC charger 
  3. Hose with pressure control
  4. Extension hose
  5. Adaptors for bicycle tires, sports balls, and inflatable toys
  6. Travel carrying bag
  7. Optional: 12V cable pack


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