1. all types of passenger vehicles


Performance Inflation Time from U to 35 psi (2.5 bar)

  1. Small size car tire (20 litre): in 25 min
  2. Medium size car tire (30 Litre) : in 4 min
  3. Large size car tire (50 litre) in 6.5 min

Airman ResQ inflator is the ideal air compressor sized for all types of passenger vehicles.

It is an easy to use solution guranteeing a safer and faster alternative to replacing a flat tire or using look-alike tire inflation products.

  1. 12V Power Plug
  2. Built-in Pressure gauge with psi and bar indication
  3. Deflate button on housing
  4. Adaptors for bicycle tires, balls and inflatables
  5. Travel Carrying Bag

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