1. Pool Floats
  2. Beach Balls
  3. Airbeds
  4. Inflatable Toys


  1. Pool float and boat tubes < 2 min.
  2. Queen-sized airbed < 90 seconds
  3. Any kind of inflatable toys, beach balls < 1 min

Whether you’re at home, camping or poolside these portable high volume inflators are perfect for inflating large pool floats, beach balls, airbeds and other inflatable toys. Both are equipped with clearly indicated and separate outlets for inflation and deflation and only one on/off button for simple operation.

Never waste your time if not needed!

  1. Inflation/Deflation functionality
  2. Extension hose
  3. 8-adaptor set for all air types of inlet holes
Equipment Vortex - 53-020:
  1. Operation with 230V in EU / 110V in USA
Equipment Vortex - 54-020:
  1. Rechargeable battery (with AC charger)
  2. Optional: 12V cable pack

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