ResQ Max Tire Repair Kit





Mini Vans


  1. 20 litre car tire size to 2.5bar in 2 minutes
  2. 30 litre car tire size to 2.5bar in 3 minutes
  3. 50 litre car tire size to 2.5bar in 5.5 minutes
  4. 70 litre trailer tire to 2.5bar in 8 minutes

AirMan’s ResQ Max Tire Repair Kit is the two piece system including the high performance compressor and the sealant bottle - sized for large vehicles such as SUV, mini-vans, and trucks.

Easy to use, inflating a 50 liter tire takes just about 6 minutes.

The ResQ Max is also equipped with accessories well suited for large vehicles including alligator clamps and a coiled extension air hose.



High Performance Compressor:
  1. Alligator clamp connection
  2. Built-in pressure gauge with psi and bar indication
  3. Deflate button
  4. 16 foot coiled extension air hose
  5. Travel carrying bag
Tire Sealant:
  1. 620 ml Valve-Through head down bottle
  2. Easy handling thanks to socket compressor
  3. Repairs punctures caused by objects up to 6 mm
  4. Based on water and microfibers
  5. Rinses off with water

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