120ml Proactive Seal Preventive Tire Sealant


Prevents punctures up to 16mm


AirMan® Industry Leading All Weather All Terrain Preventive Tire Sealant is designed to prevent flat tires by proactively guarding against punctures up to 14mm in the tread area. With our Valve Out technology, our preventive tire sealant is manually applied directly into the tire through the valve core and guarantees a long lasting pre-treated protective coated layering on the inside of the tire.

The sealant does not cause corrosion or damage to the rim, nor does it contain any toxins or flammable components, making it totally environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Applications of use vary from small two wheeled vehicles to large slow-moving vehicles. 




Valve-Out Sealant (VO) in soft squeeze bottles enables the user to manually inject the sealant directly into the tire after removing the valve core.

Our patented Particle Gel Technology is trusted by OEM's around the world.

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